Bulk SMS Business Marketing And “Call to Action”

If you have got been a recipient of a SMS marketing before, that you seemingly have, you’ll observe that every one of them typically have one thing the sender needs you to try and do most times at the tip of the message. it’s either to click on a link or to reply to the message by causing a keyword to a brief code. Such links or keywords may be to intimate the recipients of necessary data, obtain a product, to purchase the SMS selling campaign, to urge a reduction, to purchase associate current promo or perhaps to prefer from associate SMS selling campaign.

If you have an SMS marketing campaign as a part of your business plan, which you should, here are 5 reasons why you must include “Call to Action” in your marketing messages.


         If you really want active subscribers to your SMS marketing, which you surely do, including a call to         action at the end of your marketing message is the answer. It is when people respond to this and opt         in into your campaign that you have active base of subscribers to the SMS campaign. Call to action             has been proven to ensure an increased conversion rate.

  1. IT’S A GOOD SURVEY TOOL TO KNOW THE TOTAL NUMBER OF LOYAL CLIENTS YOU HAVE: Many top marketers who use bulk SMS for marketing usually offer promos and discounts on sale to their customers trough this means. This is where call to action comes in. When you request that your client either visit a link to get a bonus or send a code to a number to participate in a promo, you already have a system in place that helps you measure how many persons did that. Since no one will really forgo the opportunity of getting a bonus on purchase of their favorite products, if a large number of your clients do not follow the call to action, then you should know you are losing loyal clients. That is a wakeup call to do something about it quickly to save your business.
  2. THIS IS EXACTLY WHERE THE MONEY COMES FOR THE MARKETING CAMPAIGN: The goal of any marketing message is to let your present and prospective clients know why you are the best and then let them do something that brings value to your firm either in the short term or in the long run. If you do not have a call to action in your marketing message, then the goal of the campaign has been defeated. Call to action increase sales and invariably increase your revenue also.
  3. THE OPT-OUT PROVISION HELPS KEEP THE FIRM’S GOOD IMAGE INTACT: The requirement for any bulk SMS marketing campaign is to have the provision for subscribers to opt out of the campaign whenever they wish to. That is why a keyword that allows subscribers opt-out of the marketing campaign is very important. You can even send a confirmation message after a subscriber as opted-out of the SMS campaign. Thus you let them know you are ready to yield to their wishes, which in turn work well for the general image of your firm.
  4. IT’S AN EFFICIENT WAY TO MEASURE THE GENERAL SUCCESS OF THE MARKETING CAMPAIGN: Not all SMS marketing campaigns turn out to be successful in the long run. It would be a total waste of time and resources to continue a project that isn’t rewarding. When you include call to action in your marketing SMS, you can know when people are interacting with your marketing messages and when they are not and as such you can know if it’s right to continue or not.

In view of the aforementioned reasons, you will agree that call to action should be an integral part of your bulkSMS marketing campaign.

If you are currently using call to actions in your SMS marketing campaign, then you are piloting your project in the right direction. If you are not though, you seriously think about including it soonest. Not only is it necessary, it is mandatory, if at all you want to have a successful and richly rewarding bulk SMS marketing campaign.

You can get a registered bulk SMS account for your bulk SMS business marketing free on chooseSMS if you do not have one, and you would be glad you did.

Do you agree with the notion that Call to Action can do a lot good for your bulk SMS marketing campaign? Join in the discussion using the comment box below. Don’t forget to drop questions and inquiries also.


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