Simply put, real estate business involves renting, buying and selling of lands, buildings and other properties on it. The estate manager(s) either owns the property or manages them for a private owner. This is one of the large scale businesses in Nigeria today. In order to ensure success in this business, adequate marketing and communication is essential.

The real estate starts right from the development method. Constructions corporations will use bulk SMS to speak handiness of business house to the property managers or those willing to begin the building project.

In the area of marketing and advertisement, the conventional means today is through TV adverts, newspaper adverts and posters or flyers. Bulk SMS though has equally been proven to be an effective medium of advertisement, not least due to its low cost and effective delivery. Real estate managers can intimate people of ready and upcoming projects through bulk SMS.

Additionally, in the area of obtaining lands for building and also securing rent or building purchase by tenants, bulk SMS can be used for placing orders with the real estate managers. Once the advertisement message is sent, a call to action allowing people to make orders can be included, where they just have to send a word or phrase to a short code.

The real estate business may organize seminars and workshops frequently in training people on the real estate business. Such gatherings can be organized through the use of bulk SMS. Invitations for the event, date and time can be communicated through this means.

Firsthand complaints and feedbacks from clients or tenants can also be gathered through bulk SMS. With this, you can know which things needs attention in the estate and promptly handle it, therefore keeping the relationship with the clients cordial.

In cases of rents, once the rent payments are due, bulk SMS can be used to remind the clients of the bill payments. As such you can save the time used in visiting such ones or putting a call across that may not get through.

There are cases when the clients do not meet up with certain requirement and agreements and unfortunately have to be evicted. Bulk SMS can be used in communicating eviction notice to such clients stipulating the reason and the expected time of departure.

When used in addition to other proven effective communication tools, bulk SMS can help estate managers to make a fortune in this business and better manage it.

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